Made for the LD37 game jam. Theme was 'One Room'. Originally published here:

Didn't really like the theme, but I did have one room here, so I suppose it's in theme...

Decided to go for one room representing your life, and things evolved from there.

The game is about decisions that you make during life - what you choose to do/collect or pass on. Is there a good balance to be had for a high score?

Also, randomness, death and 'black dogs'.

Needs more work (obviously!) . Probably will in near future.

Apologies for sounds at the end (will fix someday!)


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It's neat what you were going for here, like "Passage" but more gamey. I'm still not sure what the dogs do, but hey maybe that's the point? (The beauty of art games)

If you're looking for bugs still, the level randomizing has a habit of trapping me in a corner, (But hey maybe that's the point?), and it IS impossible to restart the game without refreshing the page.

IT was a game jam game and I ran out of time, but I really liked the randomising levels.

Being trapped in the corner is purposely left in the game.

As for the dog, I was going to develop this into an analogy for depression (it's a black dog), but didn't get chance to fully develop the mechanics.

Also, the scoring at the end is terrible (that sound!) and yeah, doesn't repeat properly, which is an issue for a game that's meant to be repeatedly played!

But thank you for your input - most appreciated, and thanks for playing!

Oh! The dog is a bad thing...

I kept trying to get it because it's nice to have dogs?