Made for LD38 (Theme: 'Small World'). Originally found here:

‘The Other’ is a game about fearing people different from us. How will you treat people who are different to you? What are the effects of your actions?

With everything going on in the world with Brexit, Trump and a sharp increase in racial hate crime in my own country (UK), I felt like trying to do something related to that for this Ludum Dare.

So, my take on ‘A Small World’ is the small world of those that fear people who are different to them. I wanted to try and put this into mechanics to show how I feel these judgements affect others and those that have them.


Use cursors to control. 
Press space bar to shout and get people to move out the way.
Press Ctrl to say hello to them.
Collect letters to be able to open the door and finish.

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